History ain’t what it used to be. Join the Adventure in this ode to all things Indianna Jones, Mummy, Quartermain, Verne, and Poe as we explore all those things that you thought were only legends. Will you uncover ancient Chinee scrolls or lost tomes of atlantis? What is the connection between Gengis Khan and Julius Caesar? What secret did Julius’s son hide in the green hills of england? Why does the Pyramid of the Sun in Tehotihuican and The Great Pyramid Giza have bases the exact same size? Is there a third Great Pyramid? Just how many Angels fell, and where did they fall to? What was the third dialog that followed Critias and Timeaus and what secrets did it contain? How did the Boy Scouts save the world, and which famous people were members of the very first secret troop? What is the Red Room and why did President Garfield have to die in order to preserve its secrets? With characters who are Adventurers, Spies, Soldiers of Fortune, Ex-Slaves, Scholars, Hashishien, Gunslingers, and Gamblers, who can say what secrets might be revealed.

Freeform Leveling and character creation based upon a hybrid of D20 Modern (Past) and Trinity: Adventure.

Legends of the British Empire 1880