The Patron

A well dressed man of middle years


The Patron is the Keeper of the Red Room and never leaves the Royal Geographical Society in London. Aged somewhere between fourty-five and sixty, The Patron has short brown hair worn in a military cut and slightly olive-tonned skin, odd for a man who does not go outside. He has patrician features and blue-green eyes. His build implies physical strength and his fluid grace implies training, but his outfit, a victorian style suit in charcoal grey, is tailored well enough to hide any muscles or weapons he might be carrying.

He speaks softly, but with a no-nonsense tone in his cultured voice. Although he has no noticable accent, the extreme precision with which he speaks implies that The Queen’s English is not his native language.

The only spot of color on his otherwise monochrome outfit is a small golden pin bearing an eagle and laurel crown marked with the letters SPQR.

To those with a key to the Red Room, he is Polite beyond all warrenting, even when faced with incredible rudeness. To those who lack said key he is even more polite… unless such an individual should try and breach the sacred precincts of the Red Room. One can scarcely imagine what he would do to stop such an intrusion.


The Patron

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